Are We Pricing People Out Of The Game?

The average golf club membership for a full play adult is somewhere in the region of £750…… Ill let that sink in.


For me, pricing is incredibly important, especially where I come from where we have over 10 golf clubs in a small area. It’s the balance that is so hard to find, price yourselves too low and you are seen as a poor product that is too “attainable” but price yourself too high and, nowadays, people can’t afford it.

Golf equipment has never been so expensive, which is poor given how cheap these things are to make now but I digress. To be a seasoned golfer that has average equipment and a membership at an average (matter of opinion) inland course you need to be earning! And often a lot! I don’t feel this is right and I feel a lot of clubs are so scared of entering into a price war that a sense of arrogance comes into play.

“We will charge a premium price and people will pay it!” – You best have a product capable of backing it up if that is the case as the members hold all the keys here

Memberships are falling

The average golf club membership figures in Scotland have dropped by 17% across the board since 2004. I’m not suggesting every club is losing members due to their pricing however I doubt many would argue the connection between people saving money since the recession and that figure. The fact of the matter is that, for many, golf is seen as something which they can do without on a regular basis should it be too expensive.

Shopping around

There are websites like teeofftimes and similar which offer cheap games of golf for the sporadic golfer. Why would you pay hundreds of pounds a year for a membership when theoretically you could get 10 games a year, at different courses, for £15 a pop! Golfers have to consider their membership to be value for money, not an expense, in order to compete with this cheaper way of playing the game.


Golfers don’t play as often

As has been mentioned, golfers just aren’t really golfing anymore. In America there has been a 5M reduction in active golfers in the last 10 years, in my opinion this is because, for a number of reasons, there are more attractive options as a hobby. As golfers, and people who love the game, we have to ask why this is? For me, golf is neither financially or mentally, an approachable game

Clubs are seen as stuffy and unapproachable

Golf clubs have this mentality that you must be seen as a quality product by charging high prices and in a sense they are correct however every trend I have mentioned suggests this is not the right approach. Less people are getting into the game than before, the people that are in the game are looking for the cheapest alternative due to golf memberships not being seen as value for money! So why are we determined to borderline rip people off?

The point I would stress is, please get it right haha! Understand your market, consider where you are positioned in comparison to your competition. Set a price according to the standard of your product and the behaviour of the market. Once you have that price stick with it! I’m not saying, don’t increase your prices for no reason other than the balance sheet doesn’t look as great, my club have increased prices over the last two years but that’s because we have 36 holes and we’re charging the same as lesser 18 hole golf clubs in the area. We should be more expensive!

Consider your market and consider yourself, set your price and stick with it! Alongside this, I am coming round to the idea of more flexible memberships that make the game more financially doable and logically sensible for the average golfer. Have you come across any successful templates like this? Tell me why they worked and what you like about them!

To answer my question, Yes, I feel we are pricing people out of the game.


Junior golf is more important than your club realise, it’s the future!

It seems like the most obvious thing in the world to say but kids are the future of our game!


I think it’s quite common now, and I see this at times at my own club, that the club go pursuing the most “profitable” category of member. I’m not suggesting junior memberships should be the priority because that is just not viable in the short term. What I am saying is that there should be a strong focus placed on building “the next generation”.

The benefits of having a strong core of people under 20 years old are endless!

  • promotes a family environment
  • Word of mouth between parents is strong
  • Word of mouth between KIDS is even stronger!
  • Your club gains a reputation for developing talent
  • Younger members will freshen the club up in every way
  • Opportunities for partnerships with schools
  • The list is literally endless……

I actually consider myself to be proof of this theory. I loved every minute of my youth at my golf club, was there every day during the summer holidays. It’s for that reason I’ll never leave! My friends won’t ever leave either! It feels like home because we have grown up there and enjoyed the “best times we’ve ever had” to quote my parents.


So here’s a few suggestions I have for cost effective ways of making your club the teen hot-spot for summer 2017


Make it ridiculously fun, throw the golf club stuffiness out the window for the day! Music, BBQ, bouncy castles, pitch and putt, pony trekking! Anything goes! Make a child think – “I like it here, I want to play golf”


We were all beginners at some point! It is hard enough starting at any point but when you are a child that hasn’t quite developed that patience yet – guidance is needed. Put on two classes a week for £2 a head, teach them about the game and that way your PGA pro benefits too! Never mind the fact you might unearth a real talent



The game is hard, fact. Make it a little easier to start with, shorten the holes, play with bigger cups, and allow mulligans. Make the kids think being good at the game is achievable rather than impossible.

Then when it’s not competitive play some funny competitions. Fancy dress! Team events! Your club could even do birthday parties!


Host competitions for the kids from other clubs to play in. Make it fun, different and good prizes. When those kids see how much your juniors love their club they might consider you as a club to join in years to come


I don’t understand clubs charging large fees for kids. Make the game accessible for them for goodness sake! By all means their membership should have restrictions but let them in the door so they can pick up the game!


Junior sections at clubs go through era’s of good players. Make playing for the team the highest honour they will receive growing up.

Give them a uniform, a golf bag, treat them like royalty! These are the people who have the potential to be at your club and represent you club forever. Not forgetting the fact that the kids growing up will try that little bit harder to be involved in such a set up!



This may not be the same at every club but at my club, not so long ago, you went from paying a small junior fee to paying a full adult fee (almost 10x the amount)

Scrap that! Make it not even a question that your junior golfers will make the jump to senior golf. Charge them 50% for the first two years for example. They have devoted their last 5 summers to your club, reward them!


Get them involved in the running of the club. What a bonus if you are a parent looking on and seeing your child being educated by their club. Even better, they could work in the bar, kitchen, pro shop, green staff! Help them grow as people

Do all of these! Every single one! They don’t cost a thing in the grand scheme of things. If you look at the majority of long term members at your club today, I bet you could trace them back in some way to junior golf. The only loyalty that exists in the golf industry today has been built up over many years.

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Got BEEF with Andrew Johnston? I don’t!

Where do we start with Mr Andrew Johnston, or BEEEEEF, as you may know him. The man who made his breakthrough at the Spanish Open has been greeted with open arms by the golfing world. Forget your Rory Mcilroy on the front of men’s health, we can’t relate to that, a guy that can’t stop laughing, has a big beard and enjoys the finer foods in life? Now we are talking!

Having turned professional and ,surprisingly quietly, making his way up through the tours, Andrew Johnston is now a key figure in the European Tour and as of now the PGA tour. Only a matter of months down the line he is the cover star for GOLF DIGEST and has three TV ads coming out in the states. Why is it that something totally against the current trend, of the fit, athletic, polished golfer, is proving the most popular thing to hit the tour for years?


Let me give you some background into why this guy is interesting me so much. Playing at the weekend my friend Ian began ranting about how shocking it was that Beef was being forced in front of the camera like some sort of food obsessed show pony. (Ian is one of those golfers… a moody man!)

It got me thinking about him in a way I’ve never before. I can’t ever remember a golfer being marketed in a way that’s FUN.

I think it’s genius!! I mean I would safely make a prediction that very few club golfers can claim to be in the shape of a lot of Tour pros. So it’s no wonder that golf has taken to this guy so much, he just loves it! He looks like he’s genuinely appreciative of the opportunity he has so he’s going to damn well make sure he enjoys it and plays with a smile on his face.


Don’t get me wrong, this guy is here on merit. He’s a phenomenal talent like most of his peers, however it’s written all over his face that he knows he’s worked hard over the last few years to get where he is. I love the idea of his representatives to pounce on this wave of “beeeeeeeeef” and secure him the TV commercials, the magazine interviews. I don’t know about you guys but I’m bored of reading and seeing uber athletes going out and playing like robots. Andrew Johnson is almost like one of us!

For me there is nothing wrong from a marketers point of view with saying, this guy is different! He wears flat bill caps, he’s got a great beard, he’s not got a rippling six pack, but he’s hella fun!! This is a brand that I will buy into, an average guy with bucket loads of talent and personality, who is living the dream!


If I was ever trying to convince someone to take up golf I would show them Beef. As one of my followers, David, said “He adds an entertaining and enjoyable element to the sport!” – this is what he is all about and this is what the sport should always be about

“It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you’re a good person” – Andrew Johnston, I rest my case

Not that I am in a position to ever advise a tour pro on their mental game but consider this a plea – don’t ever change!! America is going to love this guy just as much as we do I suspect and I can’t wait to see how it all unravels. Good Luck to the big man!


What are your thoughts on Beef? Are you a fan of his or do you think he should be focusing more on becoming the polished golfer?

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Running a charity golf day – HOW and WHY


I’m a little apprehensive about writing this post so before I do please understand, If you are running a charity golf day, the reasoning behind it is the charity. I’m not suggesting we are exploiting a charity, I’m suggesting we can help each other! The fact it is incredibly powerful both from a networking point of view and in enhancing your reputation as a golf club is going to be my focus for the sake of this article.

Firstly, I’m going to start with HOW, How do we organise one of these events? With a lot of effort is the answer.  Planning and promotion need to be spot on and there needs to be scope to fundraise!

The ideal scenario for this in my opinion is selecting a charity of your choice obviously and ensuring they are on board. They will be helpful in promoting the competition and ensuring you sell out, it is in their best interests to ensure the event is a success.

Secondly the event could be “co-run” by a local newspaper or radio station. They will be interested in the good exposure that comes attached to an event like this. Furthermore they will promote your golf club in a good light for free!

Picture “The Beatson charity golf day sponsored by The Daily Record @ Pollok Golf Club”

The size of the golf club dictates to you what market you are operating in, as an example my club has over one thousand members and is based in a fairly rural area but not far from civilisation. They should be targeting local businesses, local celebrities, local media and more. This helps build relations with your potential “fan base” which could lead to everything from repeat business, memberships, favourable rates, the local hotel could send their guests your way for golf.

The format of the competition is for you to choose, however (sounding like a broken record here) make it fun! Positive attitudes throughout the day could lead to donations for the charity and repeat business for your club. Happy days.

The reasons for being friendly with your “neighbours” are endless and a charity golf day is a great way of getting everyone together for a good cause.


  • Excellent exposure
  • Enhances relationships with the local community (your market!!)
  • Better relationships undoubtedly lead to future business
  • Free advertising
  • It’s FUN to take part in
  • Your current members feel part of a decent, ethical golf club
  • The likely press exposure afterwards
  • Most importantly, it’s for a good cause! Even if the day provides you with nothing (which it won’t) you have helped a charity and built some strong relations in the industry


On the subject of charity this seems a good opportunity to plug a charity that I have a lot of admiration for. The Beatson provides all the radiotherapy, and much of the chemotherapy, for patients with cancer in Scotland’s west.  They offer services and care to 60% of Scotland’s population – 2.8 million people. If I was fundraising (which I plan to do throughout the course of this year) I can’t think of a much better home for the funds raised than with these amazing people!

For more information or to donate to The Beatson visit –

Thanks for reading, really appreciate it, and if you guys have had any success with charity golf days before let me know about it! I’d love to hear what your club did


Golf Club Reviews and Testimonials are The Best Sales Technique You Have


The relationship between golf clubs and members has never been closer to being a sales pitch than it is now in my opinion. Which is sad, but it is what it is and we must try and make this “sales pitch” as genuine as possible. Despite it being my opinion that golf clubs will never reach the car salesman image I do believe the level of trust that was once present is no longer there.

In a recent survey of over 4000 UK Golfers, focusing on the current state of golf in the country, 80% of golfers said that they read reviews to help them find new courses to play, with 74% stating that those ratings had, at times helped them to decide whether to play a new course or not.

Having a bank of reviews and testimonials from people loving your club is huge. Not only that it gets away from the club selling themselves, it becomes a decision based on trust again. When I buy a car, I’m not going to just take the salesman’s word, because he has to sell me that car! The same way Wentworth aren’t going to say “oh maybe you would prefer Sunningdale” to their visitors. Golfers are wise to the fact that the only people not trying to sell them something are the golfers themselves!

If 80% of golfers admitted to reading reviews I think that tells you all you need to know.


Golf Clubs have such a great opportunity, golfers are in my opinion some of the most opinionated people in the world, probably down to how easy it is to compare golf courses! If golf courses are not on every review site there is and trying their hardest to improve review scores then it is nothing short of a disaster. 80% of golfers

I have recently been made aware of the website “chips and wedges” – who are in my opinion going to be the website of the future (and arguably now) when it comes to reviewing sites. Their model involves golf clubs inviting them onto their course for free and doing a video review of the club and a score on their scoring system. This is exactly the sort of thing golf clubs could be utilising and using to propel themselves to the front of people’s minds


There should be some sort of effort made to get feedback from every golfer that plays your course. This is of course unrealistic however if you could even get a few really good opinions then this will have a selling effect like nothing you could imagine. The more recognised this person is the better

Something as simple “loved this course, great condition and will be back” could not only leave that person feeling important but could lead to a number of visitors in the future.

As usual with digital media nowadays, the more graphic the better so why not have video testimonials? You could be really creative and get golfers to take a GoPro out with them? Real time reviews!



A tactic that is commonly used with bigger resort golf courses, I never understand why it is not adopted with smaller golf clubs too. Every golf club in the world (probably!) has some sort of celebrity within their geographical area. Why not offer them and their friends a free game in return for a social media shout out or a testimonial of some sort! Let the fact they are famous, make you famous! You would be surprised at the people that would bite your hand off for a free game of golf!

These are just a few areas of where testimonials and reviews can take you, the possibilities are endless. Remember, golfers trust each other, not golf club sales people!

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Why video could be your golf clubs most valuable tool


With over 50% of marketers saying video provides them with the best return on investment, and suggestions that it can make shoppers almost twice as likely to purchase your product, it begs the question of WHY have golf clubs only just begun adopting this?

Video can take on many forms and is nothing new to advertising and social media. In my opinion the possibilities are endless for golf clubs and equally club professionals. The signals a video sends out over a picture are huge. Someone watching a video from your club not only thinks you are more professional but they appreciate the fact you are willing to put in that little bit more effort than your competitors.

This is not a missed opportunity (well it is, but there’s time!), this is the here and now! Syndacast predicts that by 2017, 74% of Internet traffic will be video. It is also the future….


Drone technology has allowed every course in the world to get that sky sports effect. What better way to show off your course on YouTube, social media, website etc than from the sky! Pictures of your course are brilliant but they only show so much. Though not the cheapest, it is a marketing investment that can last forever and make your golf club look great



One for the PGA Pro’s out there, video swing tips! What an opportunity to prove to people you know what you are talking about.

Going for a lesson can be a daunting experience and let’s face it, golfers all think they know it all anyway. So get snippets of your knowledge and personality out there. Even through a weekly tip or something. A 15 handicapper could become a 12 handicapper sitting on their couch watching your video. Imagine what that persons opinion of you will be? He’ll want more!


Nothing sells a product nowadays quite like a review from another shopper. Testimonials are an amazing way of convincing people because shoppers and golf club members are now immune to the sales pitch. A trustworthy voice in there can be the difference

Like everything though it is time this moved into a more user friendly platform. Videos of guests or members, for example, explaining just how much they love your golf club is a brilliant way of doing this.



Apps like periscope, Facebook LIVE and more are taking communication to the next level. There is now, in theory, the possibility to be sitting in your house watching your club championship final on your phone. How easy!

Golf clubs and pros could be using this loads very soon. What an opportunity to showcase yourself in real time. If anything amazing is happening at your club, you can now show your membership without them needing to be there. Lessons, competitions etc can be broadcast like never before.


Facebook is the king of the like and share competition, we all know that. We, as people trying to sell our club, are so lucky that Facebook plays videos automatically as you scroll through your news feed.

This allows for us to make our like and share competitions (for example) even more interactive and full of information than they have ever been. So next time you are doing a competition on Facebook consider showing a course fly over video or you could be even more creative and make a film related to the competition. It’ll do much more in your favour than a picture


This last one for many is wishful thinking, unfortunately we cannot click our fingers and make something to entertain the masses. It shouldn’t stop us trying though!

Viral videos are not sales pitches, the two will never ever go hand in hand. What they do however is increase exposure massively and in a good way too! A favourite of mine is a putt on the 9th hole at Elie Golf Club (see below) which sent the golfing world into overdrive and at the same time made everyone sit up and take note of Elie Golf Club for a few weeks.

Crazy Putt 9th Hole Elie -You Gotta be kidding me !

I might be strange here but I will forever associate Elie Golf Club with that video, a positive funny video, that could be your club with a bit of luck!

This list could go on and on and on, get filming! It’s not new but it’s something you probably are doing enough of

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5 ways golf clubs should be using Social Media

GMG snap
Social Media in golf clubs has exploded over the last couple of years. With over 200 clubs in Scotland, where I live, using it actively it is clear that it has replaced traditional marketing methods. Not every club knows how to use it best though….


This is an opportunity for golf clubs to both handle inbound and outbound communication without the need to send an email. Our generations day to day lives literally revolves around social media, what better way to respond to questions than a friendly PM on Facebook or a tweet?
Communication on social media is immediate and this appeals to people. The days of waiting 24 hours for an email response are gone and this makes communicating through social media a necessity for a golf club.



A large percentage of your golf clubs followers on social media may not necessarily be members of the club. This is your chance to cover your club in glory.
You will never have a more public newsletter so make sure and pack it full of good news stories, pictures of the courses, fun social events, funny stories. Golfers are loyal but occasionally the grass can seem greener elsewhere and social media is a great way of making it seem this way.


Which brilliantly leads me into my next point. SPREAD THE WORD! So you are making yourself look good and covering yourself in glory, only to a small audience though. Paid advertising, on Facebook in particular, is a brilliant way of reaching golfers you may otherwise not.
I find it very helpful for promoting special offers, competitions and more. Golf clubs can select their target market based on a number of different criteria and ensure that the good news is spread to everyone, not just their followers! The ability to track the success of each advert and track who is engaging with the advert makes this a marketer and golf clubs dream!


Social media can’t be a constant sales pitch. At the end of the day your followers follow you because they want to, so you should encourage them to stay!
Everyone enjoys funny pictures, videos and stories and they get the likes flooding in! Why not get your professional to do some video tips? Or have a caption competition? Like & share competitions?(which are amazing by the way!) The possibilities are endless!
One thing is for sure, nothing looks better than engagement from your followers if you are someone looking in from the outside!

Hands Holding Friends in the Sky


Golf club members are sociable people, appeal to this! Have conversation with them about the picture you just posted or the latest rule change in the game. Make them feel like their clubs social media accounts are a friend of theirs.
Having some personality and being able to make people think “I like them” is as powerful a marketing tool as your club can have. It could be the difference between your club and their competition.
My big question for you is, how much attention do you pay to golf club social media? Why do you pay attention to it?
Let me know your thoughts 😊

5 Things your golf club should do to retain members in the off season

If you are a golf club your main key performance indicator every year is how many members you have gained and retained. Your members are everything when it comes to success. They are what keeps the club alive and also are invaluable with regards to introducing new members. Yet some clubs do not effectively satisfy their membership which can be critical to retaining them.

Here’s 5 things your club can do to improve their member retention this off season



This shouldn’t be something that is new to anybody, it is however something that golf clubs become lazy with. I am writing this blog on the 25th anniversary of the internet being created and it’s because of this that communication has become so much easier. I plan on writing a post about communication itself in the coming weeks however it is crucial in my opinion that your golf club has 1. A monthly newsletter 2. An effective social media platform and 3. An effective mailing list.

Keeping your members “in the loop” is so important in making them feel involved/valued and also helps them to understand why decisions are being made.


Loyalty should be rewarded. For example, If I’ve been a member for 5 years, why not organise a “thank you pack” with some sort of gift from the club. In the extreme case, if I have been a member for 50 years, why not give me a reduced “life membership”.

Something as simple as building a partnership with a restaurant meaning all members can eat there at 20% off.

A membership fee is expensive, something to “soften the blow” may be the difference between a member staying and going. Regardless it should make the membership feel as though their club values them.

Rewards Highway  Sign


Appraisals happen in every walk of life. Every time we make a decision we review whether it worked or not. Sometimes golf clubs do not act upon this.

There should be evidence for members that the club is trying to improve on what went wrong in the previous year and trying to maintain what went well. Mentally it convinces the membership that their club is trying to move forward.

I love the idea of a “progress plan” for the year. This is something I wish my own golf club would do. The idea is that each committee member, be it greens, clubhouse, finance etc, all have a section of this “plan” where they detail what they have been through in the past year and what they PLAN to do for the upcoming season. There is nothing makes members ears prick up like plans for change especially if it sounds like constructive progress


If, like myself, you come from a climate where golf between the months of October and March is a very different game then you will agree that at times golf will be put to one side. This is a dangerous game for golf clubs.

If someone goes three months without playing and then they are handed a bill for hundreds of pounds who is to say that person isn’t going to say “I don’t really use it so I won’t bother renewing”.

Social events are brilliant and should be the norm at your club regardless of how healthy your membership is. They are not the answer in my opinion. Winter leagues and fun competitions are however! The weather may not always allow this but I guarantee you that if you get 20 people playing consistently in a league throughout the winter they will not even question their renewal come the start of the next season. Golf is an addiction remember, Feed the addiction.


My final tip for retaining members in the off season is make decisions. Golf clubs traditionally have annual general meetings at this time of year which is great however more needs to be done.

Decisions need communicated to members, proposals, votes, results, agreements. Make the membership feel as though they are a decision maker rather than just a customer who is there for the membership fee alone.

If a member is involved in the decision making process at every stage possible then they are a lot more likely to understand the reasoning behind it and furthermore accept its implementation. Email members updates, open online forums, make your member a decision maker.


Thanks for reading 🙂 What initiatives do your club have in place for retaining members? Does your golf club satisfy you at the moment? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I would love to hear them


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Is the success of Top Golf a sign of where golf clubs need to be going in the next 5 years?


A friend and I have regular conversations about the need for the golf industry to shake itself up a little. The average club golfer, it would be fair to say, is keen on maintaining tradition; collared shirt, no hats in the clubhouse etc. It’s my honest opinion that golf is too old-fashioned. Where other sports have moved forward with the times and altered their image, golf has stood still.

Till now!! Or at least the next 5-10 years

Golf is changing, at least a little! The introduction of top golf has opened many eyes as to what segments of the market are looking for. Top Golf are a collection of driving ranges where there is more emphasis placed on having fun and socializing, than there is golfing ability. Golfers go in groups, have food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere whilst playing a fun colour coded competition. I love this and so do 8 million customers in the last year!

top golf

Now I’m not suggesting for a second you will visit your golf club anytime soon and the holes will have been replaced by top golf holes or that the game will ever be purely “fun”. I do however feel aspects of the two are compatible. There is no reason why the game cannot become more relaxed and more fun rather than the outdated system in place now


Golf is already showing signs of relaxing the dress-code. In my opinion golf is restricted from being “trendy” by the old collared polo shirt and shiny shoes image! Manufacturers and golfers are seen to be rebelling when they wear a cap backwards or wear cuffed trousers (ha!). This is going to change very soon in my opinion, golfers like Rickie Fowler and other role models are making the game trendy for young players and its crucial golf clubs do not stand in the way of this change in image.

trendy clothese


What an intimidating game this is for beginners! Competitions involve a handicap (which isn’t actually easy to acquire), you often need to have friends to play with, the format is a little boring/confusing, the list goes on… And I love golf! My point is golf clubs could make this so much more fun! As a beginner there should always be more reasons to take up the game than to turn your back on it surely? This is where the golf club come into it……


  • Help new members in meeting a regular “group”
  • Fun 9 hole events (fancy dress, new formats, themed games of golf, team events, no handicap events, new member introduction events, etc)
  • Reduce restrictions where possible! (nothing more fun than a couple of cold ones on the golf course)
  • Think CRAZY (Why not have music on the course? Or play night golf?)
  • Dress down days (within reason)
  • Annual Family Fun Day (not necessarily anything do with golf but gets members and friends up to your club)
  • Modern environment (advanced technology, sports, music, give members reasons to come to your golf club other than just golf)

I mean I get it, Golf is the most frustrating sport in the world, it’s not meant to be fun, and the traditions behind it are amazing! Those traditions have made it the super sport it is today, however at club level those traditions are making it a very hard sell! Without a doubt golf can reinvent itself in more ways than simply wearing a pair of jeans and having a bit of fun but please golf!! Relax a little and make the game fun again just like Top Golf are managing to do with their driving ranges. This won’t destroy the game, and it doesn’t have to destroy the traditions of it either, but it wouldn’t half help it grow!

So this is The Golf Marketing Guy’s first blog post!!

Please let me know what you think! You may totally disagree and I’m all for that, I would love to hear from you in the comments below 🙂