Got BEEF with Andrew Johnston? I don’t!

Where do we start with Mr Andrew Johnston, or BEEEEEF, as you may know him. The man who made his breakthrough at the Spanish Open has been greeted with open arms by the golfing world. Forget your Rory Mcilroy on the front of men’s health, we can’t relate to that, a guy that can’t stop laughing, has a big beard and enjoys the finer foods in life? Now we are talking!

Having turned professional and ,surprisingly quietly, making his way up through the tours, Andrew Johnston is now a key figure in the European Tour and as of now the PGA tour. Only a matter of months down the line he is the cover star for GOLF DIGEST and has three TV ads coming out in the states. Why is it that something totally against the current trend, of the fit, athletic, polished golfer, is proving the most popular thing to hit the tour for years?


Let me give you some background into why this guy is interesting me so much. Playing at the weekend my friend Ian began ranting about how shocking it was that Beef was being forced in front of the camera like some sort of food obsessed show pony. (Ian is one of those golfers… a moody man!)

It got me thinking about him in a way I’ve never before. I can’t ever remember a golfer being marketed in a way that’s FUN.

I think it’s genius!! I mean I would safely make a prediction that very few club golfers can claim to be in the shape of a lot of Tour pros. So it’s no wonder that golf has taken to this guy so much, he just loves it! He looks like he’s genuinely appreciative of the opportunity he has so he’s going to damn well make sure he enjoys it and plays with a smile on his face.


Don’t get me wrong, this guy is here on merit. He’s a phenomenal talent like most of his peers, however it’s written all over his face that he knows he’s worked hard over the last few years to get where he is. I love the idea of his representatives to pounce on this wave of “beeeeeeeeef” and secure him the TV commercials, the magazine interviews. I don’t know about you guys but I’m bored of reading and seeing uber athletes going out and playing like robots. Andrew Johnson is almost like one of us!

For me there is nothing wrong from a marketers point of view with saying, this guy is different! He wears flat bill caps, he’s got a great beard, he’s not got a rippling six pack, but he’s hella fun!! This is a brand that I will buy into, an average guy with bucket loads of talent and personality, who is living the dream!


If I was ever trying to convince someone to take up golf I would show them Beef. As one of my followers, David, said “He adds an entertaining and enjoyable element to the sport!” – this is what he is all about and this is what the sport should always be about

“It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you’re a good person” – Andrew Johnston, I rest my case

Not that I am in a position to ever advise a tour pro on their mental game but consider this a plea – don’t ever change!! America is going to love this guy just as much as we do I suspect and I can’t wait to see how it all unravels. Good Luck to the big man!


What are your thoughts on Beef? Are you a fan of his or do you think he should be focusing more on becoming the polished golfer?

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