Running a charity golf day – HOW and WHY


I’m a little apprehensive about writing this post so before I do please understand, If you are running a charity golf day, the reasoning behind it is the charity. I’m not suggesting we are exploiting a charity, I’m suggesting we can help each other! The fact it is incredibly powerful both from a networking point of view and in enhancing your reputation as a golf club is going to be my focus for the sake of this article.

Firstly, I’m going to start with HOW, How do we organise one of these events? With a lot of effort is the answer.  Planning and promotion need to be spot on and there needs to be scope to fundraise!

The ideal scenario for this in my opinion is selecting a charity of your choice obviously and ensuring they are on board. They will be helpful in promoting the competition and ensuring you sell out, it is in their best interests to ensure the event is a success.

Secondly the event could be “co-run” by a local newspaper or radio station. They will be interested in the good exposure that comes attached to an event like this. Furthermore they will promote your golf club in a good light for free!

Picture “The Beatson charity golf day sponsored by The Daily Record @ Pollok Golf Club”

The size of the golf club dictates to you what market you are operating in, as an example my club has over one thousand members and is based in a fairly rural area but not far from civilisation. They should be targeting local businesses, local celebrities, local media and more. This helps build relations with your potential “fan base” which could lead to everything from repeat business, memberships, favourable rates, the local hotel could send their guests your way for golf.

The format of the competition is for you to choose, however (sounding like a broken record here) make it fun! Positive attitudes throughout the day could lead to donations for the charity and repeat business for your club. Happy days.

The reasons for being friendly with your “neighbours” are endless and a charity golf day is a great way of getting everyone together for a good cause.


  • Excellent exposure
  • Enhances relationships with the local community (your market!!)
  • Better relationships undoubtedly lead to future business
  • Free advertising
  • It’s FUN to take part in
  • Your current members feel part of a decent, ethical golf club
  • The likely press exposure afterwards
  • Most importantly, it’s for a good cause! Even if the day provides you with nothing (which it won’t) you have helped a charity and built some strong relations in the industry


On the subject of charity this seems a good opportunity to plug a charity that I have a lot of admiration for. The Beatson provides all the radiotherapy, and much of the chemotherapy, for patients with cancer in Scotland’s west.  They offer services and care to 60% of Scotland’s population – 2.8 million people. If I was fundraising (which I plan to do throughout the course of this year) I can’t think of a much better home for the funds raised than with these amazing people!

For more information or to donate to The Beatson visit –

Thanks for reading, really appreciate it, and if you guys have had any success with charity golf days before let me know about it! I’d love to hear what your club did


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