Why video could be your golf clubs most valuable tool


With over 50% of marketers saying video provides them with the best return on investment, and suggestions that it can make shoppers almost twice as likely to purchase your product, it begs the question of WHY have golf clubs only just begun adopting this?

Video can take on many forms and is nothing new to advertising and social media. In my opinion the possibilities are endless for golf clubs and equally club professionals. The signals a video sends out over a picture are huge. Someone watching a video from your club not only thinks you are more professional but they appreciate the fact you are willing to put in that little bit more effort than your competitors.

This is not a missed opportunity (well it is, but there’s time!), this is the here and now! Syndacast predicts that by 2017, 74% of Internet traffic will be video. It is also the future….


Drone technology has allowed every course in the world to get that sky sports effect. What better way to show off your course on YouTube, social media, website etc than from the sky! Pictures of your course are brilliant but they only show so much. Though not the cheapest, it is a marketing investment that can last forever and make your golf club look great



One for the PGA Pro’s out there, video swing tips! What an opportunity to prove to people you know what you are talking about.

Going for a lesson can be a daunting experience and let’s face it, golfers all think they know it all anyway. So get snippets of your knowledge and personality out there. Even through a weekly tip or something. A 15 handicapper could become a 12 handicapper sitting on their couch watching your video. Imagine what that persons opinion of you will be? He’ll want more!


Nothing sells a product nowadays quite like a review from another shopper. Testimonials are an amazing way of convincing people because shoppers and golf club members are now immune to the sales pitch. A trustworthy voice in there can be the difference

Like everything though it is time this moved into a more user friendly platform. Videos of guests or members, for example, explaining just how much they love your golf club is a brilliant way of doing this.



Apps like periscope, Facebook LIVE and more are taking communication to the next level. There is now, in theory, the possibility to be sitting in your house watching your club championship final on your phone. How easy!

Golf clubs and pros could be using this loads very soon. What an opportunity to showcase yourself in real time. If anything amazing is happening at your club, you can now show your membership without them needing to be there. Lessons, competitions etc can be broadcast like never before.


Facebook is the king of the like and share competition, we all know that. We, as people trying to sell our club, are so lucky that Facebook plays videos automatically as you scroll through your news feed.

This allows for us to make our like and share competitions (for example) even more interactive and full of information than they have ever been. So next time you are doing a competition on Facebook consider showing a course fly over video or you could be even more creative and make a film related to the competition. It’ll do much more in your favour than a picture


This last one for many is wishful thinking, unfortunately we cannot click our fingers and make something to entertain the masses. It shouldn’t stop us trying though!

Viral videos are not sales pitches, the two will never ever go hand in hand. What they do however is increase exposure massively and in a good way too! A favourite of mine is a putt on the 9th hole at Elie Golf Club (see below) which sent the golfing world into overdrive and at the same time made everyone sit up and take note of Elie Golf Club for a few weeks.

Crazy Putt 9th Hole Elie -You Gotta be kidding me !

I might be strange here but I will forever associate Elie Golf Club with that video, a positive funny video, that could be your club with a bit of luck!

This list could go on and on and on, get filming! It’s not new but it’s something you probably are doing enough of

Let me know your thoughts and give me a follow for email updates


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