5 ways golf clubs should be using Social Media

GMG snap
Social Media in golf clubs has exploded over the last couple of years. With over 200 clubs in Scotland, where I live, using it actively it is clear that it has replaced traditional marketing methods. Not every club knows how to use it best though….


This is an opportunity for golf clubs to both handle inbound and outbound communication without the need to send an email. Our generations day to day lives literally revolves around social media, what better way to respond to questions than a friendly PM on Facebook or a tweet?
Communication on social media is immediate and this appeals to people. The days of waiting 24 hours for an email response are gone and this makes communicating through social media a necessity for a golf club.



A large percentage of your golf clubs followers on social media may not necessarily be members of the club. This is your chance to cover your club in glory.
You will never have a more public newsletter so make sure and pack it full of good news stories, pictures of the courses, fun social events, funny stories. Golfers are loyal but occasionally the grass can seem greener elsewhere and social media is a great way of making it seem this way.


Which brilliantly leads me into my next point. SPREAD THE WORD! So you are making yourself look good and covering yourself in glory, only to a small audience though. Paid advertising, on Facebook in particular, is a brilliant way of reaching golfers you may otherwise not.
I find it very helpful for promoting special offers, competitions and more. Golf clubs can select their target market based on a number of different criteria and ensure that the good news is spread to everyone, not just their followers! The ability to track the success of each advert and track who is engaging with the advert makes this a marketer and golf clubs dream!


Social media can’t be a constant sales pitch. At the end of the day your followers follow you because they want to, so you should encourage them to stay!
Everyone enjoys funny pictures, videos and stories and they get the likes flooding in! Why not get your professional to do some video tips? Or have a caption competition? Like & share competitions?(which are amazing by the way!) The possibilities are endless!
One thing is for sure, nothing looks better than engagement from your followers if you are someone looking in from the outside!

Hands Holding Friends in the Sky


Golf club members are sociable people, appeal to this! Have conversation with them about the picture you just posted or the latest rule change in the game. Make them feel like their clubs social media accounts are a friend of theirs.
Having some personality and being able to make people think “I like them” is as powerful a marketing tool as your club can have. It could be the difference between your club and their competition.
My big question for you is, how much attention do you pay to golf club social media? Why do you pay attention to it?
Let me know your thoughts 😊

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